Seeking the Best Online Driving Training Courses in the UK?

According to recent statistics from 2021, around 77% of people in the UK have a driving licence, which is higher than it was in 1992 (67%). 

No matter where you’re based in the county, the ability to drive can help you career and personal development. Since learning to drive is extortionate, online tuition is perfect for helping you get qualified outside lessons.

Last year the pass rate for the UK driving practical test was 47.1% which is obviously less than half. 

One of the things that’s changed in the past 30 years is the ability to access online training.

Online videos are a brilliant and safe way to learn more about driving techniques. With our comprehensive knowledge base, you’ll have access to some of the best tuition on the net. has reported that the main reasons people fail their driving test are:

  • Not paying sufficient attention at junctions.
  • Failing to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle.
  • Entering a roundabout when a car is entering from the right.
  • Making no effective observations when joining a dual carriageway from a slip road.
  • Going straight ahead at crossroads.
  • Looking too late when emerging from a junction.
  • Repeatedly not looking left when turning that way.

All of these are mistakes you can improve on with our online driving courses.

The Learner Driving Guide wants you to feel completely confident before you take your practical or theory test.

If you’re seeking the best driving training courses, find out more about us today.