Learning to drive is the key to your freedom, but it takes time to master this skill for life.
The Learner Driving Guide has put together this blog to explore some of the key themes and trends around learning to drive and share all you need to know from getting started to taking your test and beyond.

We hope you enjoy these posts and find them useful – if you want to pass your driving test more efficiently, saving time and money on the way, then take a look at our online video driving lessons. Our set of 42 video driving tutorials, for manual or automatic, will take you through the whole DVSA syllabus step by step, supporting you as you become a safe, confident driver for life.

conquering your nerves becoming a confident driver for life

Conquering Your Nerves Becoming A Confident Driver For Life

Driving is a skill for life. Getting started may make you feel apprehensive and it’s not unusual for new learner drivers to feel anxious. Whether worries are holding you back from getting started or you’re scared nerves may get the better of you on your driving test; here are some tips to help you become a calm, confident and safe driver – not just for your test, but for life.

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teaching your child to drive – top ten tips

Teaching your child to drive – top ten tips

Teaching anyone to drive is a daunting prospect but some parents may dread the thought of their 17-year-old asking to get behind the wheel with them. The professional, Grade A, driving instructors behind the Learner Driving Guide have put together a list of ten top tips for helping your child practice their driving.

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the theory test

The Theory Test

Before the practical, comes the theory and driving is no exception. You will need to pass your theory test before you can apply to take your practical test. It’s best to get it done early, but you can prepare and take the theory test alongside your driving practice and use of the Learning Driving Guide, which offers lessons on how to drive online.

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driving instructor code of conduct and ethics

Driving Instructor Code Of Conduct And Ethics

This article will explain the driving instructor code of conduct and ethics; what to expect from your driving instructor. There are a number of standards that you should expect from whoever you choose to be your driving instructor. Please see the list below of what you should expect – as a paying customer.

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