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Online Driver Video Tutorials and Lessons for Automatic and Manual Drivers

Professional online videos & guides | Easy tuition for learner drivers

Fully Compliant with DSVA Guidance, Rules and Regulations.

About Learning to Drive

The only Online Driver Video Tutorials and Lessons that are fully DVSA Compliant.
Our expert team has developed a unique resource, tailor-made for learner drivers; to help them know exactly what to expect when learning to drive and ultimately, to maximise their learning experience; saving time and money.

What’s included in the 75 videos on both Syllabus?

1. Cockpit drill
2. Car controls
3. Car clutch control
4. Manual gearbox
5. Moving off and stopping
6. Approaching junctions to turn left
7. Approaching junctions to turn right
8. Emerging to turn left on T junctions
9. Emerging to turn right on T junctions
10. Safely navigating uncontrolled crossroads
11. Safely navigating staggered crossroads
12. Safely navigating controlled two-way crossroads

13. Safely navigating controlled 3 and 4-way crossroads
14. Safely navigating one-way roads
15. Meeting traffic of all types
16. The uncontrolled pedestrian crossing
17. The controlled pedestrian crossing
18. Bus lanes
19. Safely navigating mini roundabouts
20. Safely navigating a 2-lane roundabout
21. Safely navigating double and satellite roundabouts
22. Safely navigating part-time controlled roundabouts

23. Safely navigating multi-lane roundabouts
24. Planning ahead for driving on a single carriageway
25. Dual carriageway speed
26. How to safely overtake on dual carriageways
27. Safely navigating Y junctions and junctions on a bend
28. Safely navigating double junctions
29. Adequate stopping distances for all weather conditions
30. Stopping in an emergency
31. All weather driving

32. Appropriate progress
33. Reverse driving
34. Safely performing a turn in the road
35. Parallel parking
36. Forward and reverse bay parking
37. Pulling up on the right, driving in reverse and re-joining the road
38. Understanding skidding
39. ‘Show Me, Tell Me’
40. Using satellite navigation
41. Independent driving
42. Motorway driving

Here's a word from our subscribers - All of whom have passed their driving tests

Fujiko from Burnham Green

Fujiko used the Learner Driving Guide to study driving scenarios she hadn’t yet come across in her on the road practice.

David from Colchester

David passed his automatic driving test, first time and he couldn’t recommend the Learner Driving Guide highly enough!

Vicki from Hertford

Vicki passed her driving test, first time, with help from the Learner Driving Guide; she kindly sent us this video expressing her thanks.

Rebecca from Banbury

Rebecca passed her driving test first time and kindly sent us this video, filmed straight afterwards, outside the test centre!

Welcome to Learner Driving Guide, your go-to resource for mastering the art of driving! Whether you’re a complete novice or looking to polish your skills, our step-by-step driving lessons for beginners ensure a smooth journey from start to finish. With both manual and automatic options available, our tailored approach caters to every learner’s preference.

Navigate through our comprehensive driving guide, covering everything from theory to practical tips. Our expert instructors are dedicated to providing top-notch instruction, ensuring that beginners grasp the fundamentals with ease. Ready to embark on your driving journey? Let Learner Driving Guide be your trusted companion every step of the way.

We are a team of independent professional driving instructors, with over 100 years of teaching experience in the learner driving industry.

  • Covering the entire UK DVSA syllabus for both manual and automatic vehicles, in 42 step-by-step online lessons.
  • 75 unique multi-camera angled teaching videos with detailed commentary – putting you in the driver’s seat.
  • Maximise your driving practice to save both time and money on lessons.

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How to pass your driving test! All you need with this rolling monthly subscription – ideal for manual and automatic learners of all abilities. Use The Learner Driving Guide for as long as you need to. No long tie-ins; no cancellation charges. Just full access to all our 42 lessons, for as long as you need.

Only £9.99/Month

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How can I become a confident and safe driver for life?

The Learner Driving Guide provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding for all driving situations and understanding how to pass your driving test. Working through our step-by-step lessons, alongside your driving practice, you will increase your confidence as you hone your driving skills; becoming a calm, controlled and safe driver for life.

How can I save time while learning to drive?

The Learner Driving Guide will improve your knowledge of driving around your practical lessons so you will spend less time recapping and asking questions and more time actually on the road.

How can I get the most out of driving practice?

Time on the road practicing your driving is essential, whether with family, a friend or a driving instructor. The Learner Driving Guide will guide you as you measure your progress and assess where you may need to develop.

How can I check if my driving instructor is teaching me correctly?

The Learner Driving Guide will help you understand what is expected to reach the DVSA’s high standard of driving. Our lessons and videos with commentary will support you so you will know that your instructor is teaching correctly and behaving as per the instructor Code of Conduct.

How can I save money while learning to drive?

The Learner Driving Guide will maximise the money you spend on driving lessons. Our lessons and videos with commentary will prepare you in advance of each lesson to help you make progress more efficiently.

The Learner Driving Guide is designed specifically for learner drivers and covers the entire Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus.

From vehicle controls to major roundabouts, we provide lessons and detailed teaching videos with commentary of all driving manoeuvres.

The Learner Driving Guide is essential for learner drivers wanting to understand how to pass your driving test but also for:

  • Parents – fully understand what the DVSA examiner will expect from your child at the driving test.
  • International drivers – learn what the differences are on the road in the UK.
  • Driving Schools – offer more to your clients.
  • Anyone who needs a quick refresh on their driving skills.
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The Learner Driving Guide will teach and support you with all you need to know about driving, but there is, of course, no alternative to getting behind the wheel yourself. It is important to understand who you can legally practice with and the consequences of not adhering to the rules.

ready to pass article

The Learner Driving Guide is proud to endorse the Government’s ‘Ready to Pass’ campaign.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has created the ‘Ready to Pass’ campaign to encourage learner drivers to only take their driving test when they are absolutely ready. The DVSA has released new data showing the top ten reasons people failed their driving test. Knowing why other people fail will help you get prepared, to know when you are truly ready to pass your driving test.

driving in great britain for international drivers

Driving in Great Britain for international drivers

Wherever you are from and whatever your current driving standard, there are a few things you need to know before you start to drive in Great Britain.

If you are more than a visitor; maybe staying for work, to study or simply moving home, you may need to drive. If you don’t already have an existing driving licence, you will need to learn to drive from scratch as per the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) rules; but if you have a current driving licence you may be able to exchange it to drive in Great Britain.

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Only £9.99/Month

The rolling monthly subscription is ideal for manual and automatic learners of all abilities. Use The Learner Driving Guide for as long as you need to. No long tie-ins; no cancellation charges. Just full access to all our 42 lessons, for as long as you need.

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