Automatic Driving Lessons FAQ

FAQs – Automatic Vehicles

Q: What is the Learner Driving Guide?

A: The Learner Driving Guide is a website offering professional online video driving lessons for automatic vehicles. Each video has detailed commentary created by experienced driving instructors and many of our lessons include downloadable diagrams of manoeuvres, step-by-step images, practice points, tips to consider and hazards to look out for.

Q: How can I use the Learner Driving Guide?

A: You can use the Learner Driving Guide alongside your driving lessons/practice with family or friends to maximise your learning experience. Once subscribed, you can access our content whenever and wherever you like. We recommend that you use our online automatic lessons in order, working step-by-step through our entire automatic package of 42 lessons – which covers the whole DVSA syllabus for automatic vehicles. Find out how it works here.

Q: What makes your driving videos unique?

A: Our videos are created by professional Grade A instructors with years of experience. You can see, hear and understand how to control an automatic vehicle from multiple viewpoints; for example – what your feet should be doing on the pedals and where you should be looking. Take a look at our free content and you will experience the quality of our videos for yourself.

Q: How do I know the Learner Driving Guide works?

A: The Learner Driving Guide is tried and tested, but don’t just take our word for it – our customers tell us that the Learner Driving Guide really helped them pass their driving tests – read and watch our testimonials.

Q: Can you really learn to drive online?

A: There is no substitute for a professional driving instructor but the Learner Driving Guide – created by experienced Grade A instructors – can give your learning journey a significant boost and help you pass quicker, saving time and money on the way. Prepare in advance of lessons and review what you have learnt afterwards; learn visually as well as on the road. Read more about this topic here.

Q: What is the difference between automatic and manual vehicles?

A: In an automatic vehicle you only have two pedals: brake and accelerator. There is no clutch or ‘biting point’ to consider. All automatic vehicles have a built-in transmission in the engine, which basically means that when accelerating or slowing down, your engine will automatically change the gear for you, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on what is happening around you. The Learner Driving Guide will take you through learning to drive step-by-step and teach you all you need to know, as you learn to drive an automatic vehicle. With our automatic package you will build your understanding of driving; control, timing and travelling at a safe and appropriate speed.

Q: Is it better to drive a manual than an automatic vehicle?

A: When you pass your DVSA driving test in a manual car, you will have the option to drive either a manual or an automatic car. With an automatic licence, you can only legally drive automatic vehicles. This may limit your choices slightly in purchasing a vehicle or hiring a car abroad. Most people think that it is easier to learn to drive an automatic vehicle as there is no clutch nor changing gears up and down to consider; so, an automatic vehicle is a good alternative option for anyone who has found learning to drive a manual car overwhelming.  An automatic vehicle is perfect for driving around town, especially in heavy traffic where there are lots of stop/start situations. Read more about this topic here.

Q: There is so much to find out, it’s overwhelming – where do I start?

A: There is a lot to consider when you start to learn to drive but the Learner Driving Guide is here to support you. We explore the whole process from the provisional licence to the driving test here. You will need to start with your Theory Test.

Q: I’m waiting for my driving test; can the Learner Driving Guide help me?

A: Definitely. The demand for driving tests is very high at the moment. The Learner Driving Guide can keep your skills fresh while you are waiting for your test, meaning less of your time and money is spent on driving lessons in the meantime. Find out what our automatic package covers here.

Q: I can’t get enough lessons as my instructor is busy, can the Learner Driving Guide help me?

A: Absolutely. The demand for lessons is very high at the moment. The Learner Driving Guide can help you prepare in advance for your next lesson and help you review what you have learnt, keeping that vital learning continuity going. Find out what our automatic package covers here.

Q: I am a parent trying to teach my child to drive, can the Learner Driving Guide help?

A: The Learner Driving Guide has you covered and will help you understand what the DVSA examiner will expect from your child at the driving test. We explore this topic in detail here.

Q: I have a licence but am moving to the UK soon and need to learn to drive on UK roads, how can you help?

A: The Learner Driving Guide contains all you need to know about driving in Great Britain and what the DVSA will expect of you. Read more about driving in Great Britain if you currently live abroad, here.

Q: I’ve got a driving licence but haven’t driven for a while, can I use the Learner Driving Guide?

A: Of course. The Learner Driving Guide can serve as a great refresher alongside professional instruction, if you need it. If you haven’t driven in a while because of nerves, you may find this helpful.

Q: How do I choose a driving instructor?

A: It’s important to choose the right, qualified, instructor for you; you can read about the key things you should consider. The Code of Conduct will tell you what you should and shouldn’t expect from an instructor.

Q: How long does it take to learn to drive?

A: How long it will take you to learn to drive depends on a number of factors, your age, your dedication, your existing knowledge and whether you use the Learner Driving Guide! You can read more about this here.

Q: I haven’t passed my test yet; do I need to worry about insurance etc?

A: The car you are practicing your driving on should be fully insured and meet all the DVSA’s guidelines. Fine out more about this here.

Q: What can I expect at the automatic practical driving test?

A: The automatic practical test will last about 40 minutes, it will consist of five parts; the eyesight check, ‘show me, tell me’ questions, general driving ability, reversing your vehicle and independent driving. The Learner Driving Guide will take you through all of these and the whole DVSA syllabus. Read more about the automatic practical test here.

Q: Why might people fail their driving test?

A: There are many reasons why people could fail their test; it’s important to only take a test when you are ready to pass. The Learner Driving Guide will help you get prepared so you are more likely to know what to expect and to be successful – not just for the test but to be a safe, confident driver for life. Read more about this topic here.

Q: How much is the Learner Driving Guide subscription?

A: One month subscription to our automatic package of 42 online driving lessons is only £9.99.

Q: How long do I have to subscribe for?

A: We offer a rolling monthly subscription that will carry on as long as you need it to. There are no cancellation charges nor long tie-ins. The minimum subscription to our automatic package  is one month for a total of £9.99, just cancel when you no longer need our service.

Q: How can I pay for my subscription?

A: You can pay securely with your credit card via Stripe, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Subscribe for our automatic package today for just £9.99.