Conquering your nerves

– becoming a confident driver for life

Driving is a skill for life. Getting started may make you feel apprehensive and it’s not unusual for new learner drivers to feel anxious. Whether worries are holding you back from getting started or you’re scared nerves may get the better of you on your driving test; here are some tips to help you become a calm, confident and safe driver – not just for your test, but for life.

Step by step

Take a breath, drop your shoulders and focus your attention on learning a new skill. To start with, familiarise yourself with the vehicle you will be learning on. Take it slow and steady, you can’t expect to be an expert on your first try, it will take time. Go at your own pace and study the lessons on the Learner Driving Guide, in order, to help you master each step; both in theory and in practice – allowing you to develop the confidence to move on to the next stage of your learning to drive journey, when you feel ready. 

Find the right teacher

Having an encouraging driving instructor, or practicing with someone supportive on the road, is key to you feeling in control behind the wheel. Take a look at the ‘How do I Choose a Driving Instructor’ section of From getting a provisional licence to the practical driving test. If you dread every lesson and feel overly anxious, maybe the fit isn’t right and you might want to find someone better suited to your needs as a learner driver.


If your driving lessons or practice sessions are too far apart, this will not only slow the progress of your learning but you won’t have the confidence to apply what you’ve learnt behind the wheel by the time of your next go. It’s not always possible to have regular lessons due to cost and availability or access to a car to practice on; this is where the Learner Driving Guide can bridge the gap and keep those skills, and that confidence, fresh.


Using the Learner Driving Guide to prepare as much as possible before (and following up on what you’ve learnt after) your on the road practice time, will help keep that knowledge and that confidence flowing – so you can go into your test truly ready to pass. Knowing you have done all you can do before you sit at the wheel will give you confidence to do the best you can, at every practice session and at the actual driving test.

Practice makes perfect

The more you can practice your driving, the better – each time you get behind the wheel, you will learn, even, and especially, when you make mistakes. Read more about practicing your driving in Practice makes perfect – a guide to practising your driving with family or friends

Don’t keep it in

It’s important to express any anxiety with a trusted family member or friend and with your driving instructor. If you keep your nerves bottled up, you won’t be able to release them and move past them. Let it out and you will feel better. Everyone who has learnt to drive has at some point been a learner, so they will understand how you feel.

No pressure

You may feel worried about the cost of lessons or the expectations of others. It doesn’t matter how long it takes; you will get there. Aim to only take your test when you are truly ready, but if you aren’t successful first time, it isn’t the end of the world. Keep going and try again. The Learner Driving Guide has everything you need to master the whole DVSA syllabus, so take it at your own pace and you will see progress.

Take a look at our Testimonials to see learner drivers, just like you, who started off unsure and who are now safe, confident drivers for life

Learn to drive

Take the opportunity to challenge yourself and the time and space to master your new skill. Even after the driving test, you will go on developing your skills as a driver, as you gain even more driving experience throughout the rest of your life.

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