Manual Vehicle Online Lessons – Monthly Subscription

£9.99 / month

Subscribe to our monthly rolling manual subscription and let The Learner Driving Guide teach you how a manual vehicle works and how to drive it safely and confidently. Our comprehensive set of 42 lessons covers the entire Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus.



Your subscription will give you access to our 42 lessons – everything you need to know to drive a manual vehicle.

Our lessons cover the entire Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus and more, from roundabouts, junctions and crossings; to traffic, motorways and parking.

Our lessons include planners, images and detailed videos with commentary of all driving manoeuvres, teaching you step-by-step. See and understand how you control a vehicle from multiple viewpoints; for example – what your feet should be doing and where you should be looking. Each lesson identifies tips for you to use and potential hazards to look out for.

Key to being a confident driver, is timing – The Learner Driving Guide will help you understand the correct time to change your gears up and down; how to use the clutch correctly and how to travel at a safe and appropriate speed.

Using The Learner Driving Guide will save you time and money as you maximise your preparation before you practice in a vehicle and review what you have learnt afterwards. You will learn what to expect on the practical DVSA driving test and how to become a safe, confident driver for life.