Getting my

Provisional Licence

How do I apply for my provisional licence?

Go online to .GOV web site or pop into your local post office and ask for D1 form the cost will be £34 for online application or £43 for applying by post.

What details do I need to apply?

You will need an up to date passport and 2 passport photo’s of you (must be recent).

How long does it take to arrive?

10 – 14 working days. (Please do not apply if you have a holiday booked with in 3 weeks)

When can I start my driving lessons?

Once your photo provisional licence arrives you are allowed to drive on UK roads with your instructor or if you get insured for a vehicle in your name you must be accompanied by someone over the age of 21 years old and they have had there licence for more than 3 years.

How do I apply for my DVSA theory test appointment?

GOV website: (cost of this will be £23)

Where is my closest theory test centre?

Put in your postcode on the GOV website at this address and it will tell you were your closest theory test centre is.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

You must bring your photocard licence with you on the day of your appointment and arrive 15 minutes early, once you have shown the reception your details they will give you a locker to put all your belongings into for security purposes. (if you have an old style paper licence you will need to bring you passport).

How does the test work?

You are shown to your allocated booth and you have 1 hour to complete your theory test, the test will consist of 50 questions to which the pass mark is 43. You will then move on to your 14 one minute hazard perception videos, which one video will have 2 hazards. Every hazard has a score of 5 points at the point of danger and then drops 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 as the danger decreases your total potential score is 75 but you must gain a score of 47 or more to gain a pass mark.  When the test is completed and you collect your belongings from your locker you will return to the main reception wait a few moments and there you will receive your result. To be successful you must pass both parts of the test. If you only pass 1 part it is classed as a fail and you will have to retake. Once successful you will receive a pass certificate from the reception, this certificate will have a reference number that number is used to update your application and the DVSA system will now allow you to move forward and once reaching the driving standard expected you can book a practical test date in your name.


Please study hard and make sure you are scoring 47 / 48 out of 50 regularly before attempting part 1.

When watching your hazard perception video once you see your hazard please click give it a second and then click again a common mistake is that you click to early and score 0 by trying this technique if you will miss the 5 on the first click but on the second click hit the 4 you will still achieve a pass mark for that clip please do not over click as this will result in the video being blocked and you will receive a 0 mark.

Where should I go to get study material?

WH Smiths, Staples or online: but please make sure it states THE OFFICIAL DVSA as there are a lot of copycats and sadly they do not have contents needed to be a successful candidate.



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