The Theory Test

Before the practical, comes the theory and driving is no exception.

Before the practical, comes the theory and driving is no exception. You will need to pass your theory test before you can apply to take your practical test. It’s best to get it done early, but you can prepare and take the theory test alongside your driving practice and use of the Learning Driving Guide, which offers lessons on how to drive online.

The theory test itself has two parts, multiple choice and hazard perception. For the multiple-choice part of the test, it’s not like old school exams with a pencil and tick-box options – you will have to answer 50 online questions based on real life driving situations; testing your knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road. Three of the multiple-choice questions will be about video clips. You’ll need to score 43 to pass.

Hazard perception is no video game, it’s a video test designed to rate your observation skills. You’ll be shown 14 one-minute video clips which are of everyday driving situations and at least one developing hazard (one clip includes two developing hazards) which is a driving scenario that would cause you to make a change – like adapting your speed or direction. As you watch the clips you will need to click the mouse as soon as you see a hazard developing. You can’t cheat the system by clicking non-stop or in a pattern! Unlike the multiple-choice questions you won’t be able to review/change your answers. You’ll need to get 44 points out of 75 to pass.

You will need to be successful in both parts to pass the full theory test which will take you just under an hour (including a short break in between). You’ll get your results before you leave.

Hopefully you’ll pass and you’ll be given a certificate and a number which you will need to keep for when you book your practical test. You can now really get into your practical driving skills. You’ll have up to two years to pass the UK driving test or you’ll have to retake the theory test.

Don’t worry if you need to try again, you’ll only need to wait three days to book a new test slot – take a look at your results breakdown which will show you the areas you need to improve on; perhaps look into using some online road safety training.

There are tonnes of driving skills courses out there as well as many sources of information to study for the theory test, mainly the Highway Code. While you can’t just learn driving online, the Learning Driving Guide offers top driving lessons online; it’s geared up to the practical UK driving test, but it will certainly give you plenty of driving know-how and our video driving lessons will be excellent preparation for the hazard perception test – familiarising yourself with everyday driving situations. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll pass and you’ll be given a certificate and a number which you will

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