Automatic Driving Courses To Speed Up Your Learning Process

Many people make it their new year’s resolution to pass their driving test. Whether you’re learning in an automatic or manual car, Learner Driving Guide can help you reach your goals much quicker with our driving courses.

Automatic cars are becoming increasingly common in the UK as people make the switch to electric vehicles. It’s likely more and more people will be looking to have automatic driving tuition instead of manual in the next few years.

Of course, there are many advantages to learning in an automatic car: it’s usually much easier since there’s no clutch pedal. 

Learner Driving Guide delivers professional online tuition for anyone looking to learn in either an automatic or manual vehicle. 

Our automatic driving courses use videos, pictures and lesson planners which are structured to follow the DVSA syllabus. 

We also provide expert tips and highlight any hazards, therefore helping prevent you from making mistakes. Many clients have praised our courses for accelerating their progress and reducing the costs involved in repeated practical and theory tests.

Learner Driving Guide is ideal for learners of all abilities and operates via a monthly subscription service. That means you can cancel at any time.

Find out more about our automatic driving courses or contact our team for more details.