Save Money with our Advanced Driving Lessons Delivered Online

To become a safe, confident driver, you need plenty of experience on the road. However, it also helps to brush up on learning material, including watching videos with detailed commentary, to ensure you know the rules inside-out. 

Learner Driving Guide has created a comprehensive knowledge base to enable you to get familiar with the latest DVSA syllabus and pass your practical and theory tests much faster. 

With our carefully tailored online courses, you can enhance your driving skills and speed up your progress outside lessons. Created by active senior driving instructors, our courses are the result of true experts who understand the process and DVSA syllabus.

We have advanced driving courses for both manual and automatic learners. 

Learning to drive has never been more expensive, with the average cost of an one hour lesson now around £34 per hour. Since it takes the average person 40-45 hours to pass their test, the cost quickly becomes extortionate. 

Because of the high price of petrol and insurance, it is also costly to practise with a friend or relative outside lessons. You want to do everything possible to speed up your progress. 

Get qualified faster with our advanced driving lessons. 

Thanks to the introduction of electric vehicles, there’s likely to be more automatic drivers on the roads in  the next few years. Our automatic driving courses provide you with online tuition available anywhere.

Find out more about our advanced driving lessons or contact us for more information.