Automatic Driving Courses to Speed up the Learning Process

The average time it takes to learn to drive is 45 hours of professional lessons and 20 hours of practice. Obviously, we all want to learn at our own pace. However, we also want to pass sooner rather than later; driving lessons are expensive, and lessons are time consuming.. 

Learner Driving Guide is committed to helping you gain your UK licence.

Our driving courses include those for anyone learning in an automatic or manual car. All our training is based on the latest DVSA syllabus, so you’ll always have relevant videos, videos and lesson planners. 

Why learn in an automatic car?

Automatic vehicles are increasingly popular in the UK. Research has found the number of automatic-only licences in Britain has risen from 550,000 in 2012 to 1.1 million in 2022. One of the reasons for this rise is because many electric vehicles are automatic. Motorists in London are managing to avoid charges by going green with an EV. 

Automatic cars also eliminate the need to worry about clutch control and changing gears, which is an issue for some learners.

No matter if you need manual or automatic training, our driving courses give you access to a wealth of information. That includes videos which help you to pass your theory test and online lessons to correct particular issues you struggle with.

If you’re interested in our automatic driving courses, discover more on our website. Or contact our friendly team for more information.