Is It Easy To Drive An Automatic Car?

Wondering whether to choose an automatic driving course or a manual driving course? If you are just starting out, you might be wondering ‘is it easy to drive an automatic car’? Well in short, yes – automatic cars don’t have a clutch and the gearbox is a lot simpler. 

Driving an automatic car

No clutch means only two foot pedals – the accelerator and the brake.  All automatic cars have a built-in transmission in the engine, which basically means that when accelerating or slowing down, your engine will automatically change the gear for you, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on what is happening around you.

Many people prefer to take automatic driving courses, so when they pass their test, they can drive their automatic car in heavy traffic; automatic vehicles are especially good where there are lots of stop/start situations.

If you find the idea of driving a manual car a little overwhelming, an automatic may suit you better. You will of course still need to learn road sense and work through the essential driving course; the full DVSA syllabus.

Driving an automatic car vs a manual car

Many people prefer to take manual driving courses, as learning to drive in a manual car means you have the choice of both when you come to purchase your first car. If you go on holiday or abroad for work and need to hire a vehicle it may be easier if you have a manual licence. Some say driving a manual car gives you greater control of the vehicle.

What you do need to be aware of is that if you learn to drive an automatic car and pass your test in an automatic car, then you will only get an automatic driving licence and therefore cannot drive a manual. Automatic cars do tend to carry a slightly large price tag, however this might be a necessary trade of for the ease and convenient of driving an automatic.

Advantages of driving an automatic car

One of the great advantages of driving an automatic car when you are learning to drive is that you don’t have to be thinking about all the different elements of driving, such as an extra pedal and moving your hand from the steering wheel to the gear stick. You just don’t have to worry about that. You literally just need the accelerator and the brake. For very nervous learners this can be such an advantage when changing gears and coordination is a challenge.

Another consideration, which might offset the cost of an automatic car, is that it can be more fuel efficient as you are not revving up so much before changing gear. And many automatic cars come with a sports mode and an eco mode as well.

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