Looking For The Best Driving Test Videos For Learning In The UK?

The UK driving test was first introduced in 1935 and has evolved a great deal over the past 88 years. Today, it’s arguably much more difficult than it was a few decades ago, but we also have more access to learning material than ever before. 

If you’re struggling to prepare for your practical driving test, you might benefit from watching online videos outside your lessons. These can help you better understand how to perform manoeuvres effectively and how to spot any risks that you encounter on the road earlier.

Learner Driving Guide delivers comprehensive online courses, including videos for anyone preparing for manual or automatic driving tests. 

Part of our comprehensive lessons, our videos come with detailed commentary and help you become a calm and safe driver.

Teaching your step by step, lessons also include planners and images that cover all driving manoeuvres.  Whether you need manual or automatic tuition, everything in the latest DVSA syllabus is covered.

From basic actions like moving off to bay parking, the Learner Driving Guide ensures that nothing is overlooked.

If you want a taste of what we have to offer, we have free content on our website, including videos. A subscription will give you full access to our learning material.

Check out our driving test videos or find out more about our driving courses in the UK today.